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Pricing and billing

Danger is billed depending on the number of API credits you need each month. The credits needed for each check will depend on the details you provide.

Credits per check

Input providedCredit cost
Name, email, IP address2
Phone number1

So for example, if you send only the email and IP address, the check would cost 2 credits. If you send name, address and email, the cost would be 3 credits. If you send all details (name, email, IP, address and phone number), the cost is 4 credits.

In each result, a credits_used property shows the cost of the check.


We offer a set of plans that you should choose from depending on how many credits you'll use each month. The features are the same on all plans (including the free plan).

PlanCreditsMonthly costOverage*

* Overage is possible (except on the free plan) up to a maximum limit of 2x the credits on the plan, charged at the rates shown above.


Overage is useful to help you manage small spikes in usage and to help you stay up and running where you can't upgrade immediately, but it's best to upgrade to a higher plan where you think you will consistently use a higher number of credits.

Upgrading and downgrading

You can upgrade or downgrade in your account area (choose the option to Change plan). Upgrades and downgrades happen immediately.

To move back to the free plan, you'll need to choose the Manage billing option and cancel your paid plan. Subscription cancellations happen at the end of your current billing period.